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Harare CBD Hospital Midwife Nurses Share Hygiene Tips

Written by Aja Stefanon

Two nurses from Harare CBD Maternity Hospital volunteered to present on hygiene, breastfeeding, and post-abuse self-care. One of the nurses, Nurse Wendy, helped at the hospital when three of our youngest gave birth in February. The girls' plight and the Trust's mission to help the girls moved her. Nurse Wendy felt strongly that these young women should have more education regarding what's happening with their bodies and how to care for themselves and their babies. Her colleague, Nurse Patronella, joined her and the two engaged easily with the ladies at Charltan safehouse, creating an atmosphere where the girls were willing to ask and answer questions freely.

Thank you, Nurse Wendy and Nurse Patronella. We look forward to future presentations!

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