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Charltan School Trust Managing Director Raises Awareness with Awards

Written by Aja Stefanon; photos provided by Charline Vuta

2022 has been an amazing and humbling year for Charltan School Trust. We've welcomed new young mothers and their babies, and we've had some challenging times, including losses. As a small organization, Charltan struggles with funding and continues to look for ways to become sustainable and offer young mothers vocational skills and income-generating opportunities. Charltan worked during 2022 to develop its organizational capacity as well as bring more awareness to the needs of teen mothers in Zimbabwe and the work of Charltan and other similar organizations. Managing Director Charline Vuta efforts to raise awareness of these issues and the work of the organization garnered two awards.

The Embassy of the Netherlands in Zimbabwe and Ignite Youth Organization both recognized Charline for her work with local teen mothers. The Embassy of the Netherlands named Charline one of their 16 "Gender Champions" and Ignite Youth Organization recognized her for the important work she's doing for children's rights. Both awards shine a spotlight on the Trust and will help elevate the organization's work with local and international sponsors.

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