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Guide To Play European handicap in football betting

The European handicap, or often referred to as 1X2 handicap, is likely very familiar to seasoned football bettors. However, for those who are new to the game, understanding what the Asian Handicap is and how to read it accurately can be quite confusing. Let's read betting tips soccer today delve into it.

Explanation of the European handicap:

The Asian Handicap, also known as the 1X2 handicap, is used by bettors to determine which team is stronger. This form of betting is widely popular across various betting platforms. Gamblers need to explore and understand the details and nuances of the Asian Handicap to make the most accurate predictions.

Currently, the Asian Handicap offers three main betting options: win, lose, or draw. Players place their bets on the team they believe will score more goals. However, it's essential for bettors to choose the appropriate odds for their favorite team.

How to read Asian Handicap odds accurately:

Once you've grasped the concept of the Asian Handicap, it's time to understand the symbols on the odds board. You will often encounter the symbols 1X2, where 1 represents the home team. If you choose the home team to win, this is the option to select. The X stands for a draw, and 2 represents the away team. Bettors can wager on the away team's victory in this scenario.

At present, there are two types of European handicap odds:

FT, which includes 1X2 for the entire match.

1H: 1X2, which signifies the Asian Handicap odds for only the first half.

Given that there are only three betting options available, the chances of winning stand at 33.33%. For novice bettors, this is a relatively stable winning rate to engage in placing bets. Experienced bettors who may not find ample information can opt for the Asian Handicap, as it offers a secure betting option with significant winning potential.

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Mastering the Strategy of Playing European Handicap to Win a Hundred Matches

If you already know what European handicap betting is, you'll find it simpler than Asian handicap odds. However, to secure victories, you need diverse knowledge and expertise in the betting field. Therefore, gamers will learn which team to bet on to increase their income. Here are some highly effective tips for playing European handicap:

Accumulate all information surrounding the match

A football match involves many factors affecting the outcome, such as the starting lineup, strength, injury situation, the visiting team, the home team, and the league standings. Therefore, you need to gather all data to make the most accurate predictions. To do this, players need to spend time researching information about both teams.

You can find data on various websites, television, and newspapers. Even on the homepage of reputable bookmakers, there is a wealth of information about upcoming matches. Therefore, players need to spend a short amount of time to gather necessary data.

Carefully monitor the odds to avoid being lured by bookmakers

Every bookmaker has a team of experts and staff who analyze odds, making them very proficient. Especially, they know how to maximize profits for the bookmaker. So before deciding to place a bet, thoroughly research and be cautious about the odds on the website.

This way, players will avoid being lured, falling into traps, and know how to choose the most favorable odds. Additionally, before the match starts, bookmakers often adjust the odds. Therefore, gamers need to constantly monitor to update the latest information.

Manage your capital tightly

Knowing how to control your capital is extremely important because you cannot predict whether you will win or not. Therefore, players need to know how to bet according to reasonable odds and manage their capital tightly. Absolutely avoid betting all in on one match because doing so poses a high risk, quickly leading to empty pockets or even debt.

Stick to your predetermined strategy

Players need to outline a specific strategy to know when to advance or retreat appropriately. Therefore, gamers should plan before playing European handicap. Players need to execute the plan seriously once it's established. This way, players will avoid risks during the betting process.


Players need read betting tips sites to understand what European handicap betting is before deciding to place a bet. This way, you will grasp the terminology, how to play, and how to play properly. Additionally, gamers need to research information surrounding the match to assess the most accurate results. Besides, players should participate in football betting at reputable bookmakers to receive many great benefits.


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