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Passionate Hearts Uplifts Charltan House Ladies

Originally published by Passionate Hearts on October 25, 2021

On Saturday, the 23rd of October team Passionate Heart Trust decided to celebrate Pink October in a very good way. We where in Ruwa at Charltan School Trust which is a safe house for teenage mothers with some amazing girls from Passionate Hearts Trust. The story at Charltan Trust safe house is one of a kind. When we talked to the founder we got to understand the depth of the effects of pregnancy on very young girls and how it can change their lives. The founder is doing a very good job in making sure it's not the end of the world for these teen mums by taking them back to school since there is no safe space in the community for them. We respect her for all she is doing for them! Continue with the amazing work madam, we got you


We are happy that we got to meet the teenage mothers and managed to hear most of their experiences and stories. What a remarkable experience!We appreciate our guest Hazel who made sure her presentation was not to milk on their pain and vulnerability but to amplify their self-worth and confidence despite the challenges. She was literally forcing them to each model whilst reciting our mantra I Am Strong, l am Powerful and l am Beautiful. Wow, that was really really needed.

And as for the ladies from Passionate hearts applauds for such an amazing job in making this event a success. You came with a hairdresser and the girls got plaited nice hairstyles whilst we were talking about education, careers and so many girls issues. We danced, we ate, we had a cake … fun was had. We were celebrating our strength despite the pain, the trauma , the discrimination, the stigma and the inaccessibility of services but because we are girls we decide to celebrate ourselves because we live our truth and on our strengths…

To the board, all our members, donors, support system, your overwhelming support towards all this is much appreciated. May God continue to strengthen and enable you for such great causes, as we continue with the vision, be blessed.

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