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Hopley Outreach II - Returning to Roots

Photos provided by Charline Vuta; written by Aja Stefanon

Charltan School Trust conducted in July 2022 a second outreach to adolescent mothers in Hopley. There are so many children - CHILDREN - with babies and then the added burden of poverty. Poverty creates the conditions that make child marriage and adolescent motherhood rampant in Zimbabwe. Hopley is one of the most impoverished areas in greater Harare, an unofficial settlement that houses several thousands of Zimbabweans. Many of the adolescent mothers Charltan School Trust directly supports at the safehouse come from Hopley, but there are only so many of these girls the Trust can directly support. Therefore, Managing Director Charline Vuta has begun periodic outreaches to those girls who remain in Hopley to provide them with goods and some hope. The girls currently housed at the safehouse participate in the outreaches as a way to give back and give thanks for the support they currently receive. *Faces blurred to protect the identities and dignity of the adolescent mothers.*

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