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Bundles of Joy - Oh, Beautiful Boys!

Originally posted on Facebook by Charline Vuta, edited by Aja Stefanon

January 2022 started off with a bang! In late 2021/early 2022, we welcomed three pregnant adolescents to the safehouse - all under the age 15 and all victims of sexual abuse. All of them were due in February 2022 and we launched a GoFundMe campaign to get at least two of them C-sections to improve their chances of a successful delivery. Well, nature had her way and all three of them gave birth within weeks of each other - two C-sections and one natural birth.

Without Aja Stefanon, Margaret Hishmeh, Massel Attaway, Emelda Vhiriri - Mahachi, and Allyson NSteve Sacchetti nothing would have worked out. We were zero on baby prep, transport to hospital, the required layettes for the hospital, adequate hospital food to mention just a few things. Thank you so much.

We have used the funds from a successful GoFundMe campaign to get one of the newborns jaundice treatment and will use the remainder to support the needs of all twelve girls and their babies currently residing at the house. This will include improving their access to clean water.

The work continues...

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