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Methods for reading football odds

Currently, there is a significant number of people participating in sports betting at online bookmakers.

However, not everyone knows how to read top soccer prediction to increase their chances of winning and earning big rewards. To cater to the needs of players, we will compile some accurate methods for reading football odds in the following article.

Evaluation of symbols on the odds board

Before engaging in sports betting, players need to understand the symbols on the bookmaker's odds board:

Handicap odds: The symbols in red are always placed at the forefront of the board.

FT.HDP symbolizes full-time Asian handicap odds.

FT.O/U represents full-time over/under odds.

FT.1×2 is the full-time European handicap odds.

1H.HDP represents first-half Asian handicap odds.

1H.O/U indicates first-half over/under odds.

1H.1×2 represents first-half European handicap odds.

Pen: This indicates penalty odds.

No.of Corners denotes corner kick odds.

HDP No.of Corners implies handicap corner kick odds.

O/U No.of Corners indicates over/under corner kick odds.

1st Corner: The team with the first corner kick.

2nd Corner: The team with the second corner kick.

Big Kick Off: The team starting the match.

Guidelines for viewing Asian handicap football odds from reputable bookmakers in Vietnam

Goals already scored will not be counted in the betting result when placing handicap (HDP) bets. In this case, the match score will be considered at the moment the player places the bet as 0-0. Specifically, the method for viewing odds is as follows:

When players win by 0.25 goals, it is considered a half-win (half the stake). If they win by at least 0.50, they win the entire amount of the bet.

Symbols with a negative sign (-) mean that winning by 0.5 goals will result in winning most of the bet. For example, winning by 0.25 goals will result in winning half the bet. In the event of a loss, the amount lost will be calculated based on the betting odds.

Various methods for reading European handicap odds (1×2)

If you choose European handicap odds, there are three betting options. When playing this type of bet, you will choose one of the three options for the first half and the entire match. However, there are half-time and full-time bets with the same symbols:

Techniques for viewing booking odds

Booking odds include both yellow and red cards, counted as follows:

Yellow cards are counted as 1, red cards as 2. Each player can receive a maximum of 3 cards.

Booking odds only apply to players on the field. Cards for coaches, managers, substitutes, etc., are not counted.

Booking time is based on the official 90 minutes of play, excluding extra time.

If the match is postponed at any time during the 90 minutes, all bets placed on the total number of yellow cards will be void.

Reporting on various methods of reading odds when viewing football odds at bookmakers

Players need to pay attention to the definitions of betting tips 1x2 app with the following symbols when viewing the odds board:

Level ball - 0.

Half-ball - 0-0.5.

Half goal - 0.5.

Half goal one - 0.5-1.

One goal - 1.

One and a half balls - 1-1.5.

One and a half goals - 1.5.

One and a half goals two balls - 1.5-2.

Two goals - 2.

The symbol (-) is used in specific situations: Half the stake lost - half the stake won. The specific handicap odds are formatted as follows: 0-0.5, 0.5-1, 1-1.5, 1.5-2. Most of the displayed odds for winning will be highlighted in red.


Players should carefully consider the experiences and methods for viewing football odds that we have shared in the above article. We hope that the advice from football tip experts will help you select and apply the best methods when betting on sports, which is an excellent playground for passionate sports bettors. Therefore, you can join this bookmaker to have fun and seek opportunities to win big money for yourself.

International Football Tips:

When it comes to betting on international football tips matches, here are some tips to consider:

Know the Teams: Familiarize yourself with the participating teams' recent performances, playing styles, key players, and any injuries or suspensions.


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