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Help Customers with an AI-driven Chatbot

Happyml is an AI-powered chatbot that can perform a wide range of automated tasks. 

In this post-pandemic era, more and more businesses are facing a cash crunch. With rapidly changing market dynamics and emerging technologies, every organization must maximize resource utilization without exceeding budget. 

Happyml can be deployed across various platforms to provide automated responses to your customers, leads, or employees. It scans your company resources for quick and precise customer resolution. 

Empower your business with a standout customer experience. With advanced language and tone customizations, you can deploy your chatbot in minutes without coding based on your resources. 

  • Standalone AI

Happyml is designed independently without dependency on third-party services like OpenAI. 

  • Fast & Accurate Responses

Happyml provides the right answers in a flash with a human-like conversation. What's more - you can take control of the conversation anytime to resolve complex queries. 

  • Multiple Data Sources

Can learn from multiple data sources including websites, company documents, help centers, and more. 

  • Fully Secured

All your data is well protected with advanced encryption. 

Start a Free Trial

Automate responses and allocate human resources to important tasks with Happyml. Start a free trial today and learn how Happyml can boost business efficiency. 


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